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Satori Factory – LTD: Episode 1

Written by Missy

I have no idea how LTD works, as I am your average Joe working the monotonous day-to-day. However, I am excellent at living vicariously. This is the full version of Episode 1 – LTD from the Satori Factory featuring our talented flying friends from all over the World. Chock full of Arizona’s incredible scenery, infectious laughter (seriously…point 1:57. Best laugh ever), an “I would totally poop my pants cutaway” and a remake of the “Point Break” skydiving scene. “LTD to the max” as I believe Petter states.


If you can watch this is movie theatre mode, it’s like you’re THERE man.  Don’t forget to subscribe to Satori Factory’s YouTube page so you don’t miss a beat!

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