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We have moved!

Written by Kolla

IMG_8621Growing and moving – so please make note of our new address:

Blue Skies Magazine, LLC
1665 Lexington Ave, Suite 102
DeLand, FL 32724

PD New Beginning

It is ALMOST identical to our old address, only the suite number has changed (old one was 103). We do have mail forwarding in place (and a tight relationship with the mailman) so anything you send to the old address will likely make it to the new address, for the next few weeks at least. Our internet provider and phones are having a little bit of an existential dilemma adjusting to the move, but we should be up and running Monday at the latest – introducing a brand new phone number (so awesome that it deserves its own unveiling).

Hauling boxes has put us a little behind schedule, so if you are waiting on an email response from us (or waiting for us to pick up the phone!), we thank you for having a little extra patience through the week. We had the coffee pot set up before the computers, so we are ready to accept visitors – especially those bearing chocolates or beer. Come on by!

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