Warning: Fake altimeters

Front of non-functioning altimeter. |
Warning: Non-functioning altimeter replicas are out there! -Facsimile dial face (12,000 FT (black or white), and metric (white). Font is different than the real Alti-2 device. Dial face is marked with a facsimile logo that reads “Alti-2 Altimeters MA2-30.” Real Alti-2 device reads “Alti-2 Incorporated MA2-30.” -Case is secured with allen screws. Real Alti-2 device is secured with phillips head screws. -Light ring and lens are one piece and clear. Real Alti-2 device uses two separate components and the light ring is red. |
Written by Lara

Holy scariness, Birdman. Be on the lookout for toy replicas of the famous Alti-2 Altimaster MA2-30 altimeters. Alti-2 has found some on the market made by a Hong Kong company for use in airsoft games. (If that jargon sounded wrong, it’s because I have no idea what airsoft is, especially if people buy fake altimeters to play it.)

PD New Beginning

The real MA2-30 is more commonly found in military skydiving, but if you find a crazy cheap altimeter, MAKE SURE IT’S ACTUALLY AN ALTIMETER.

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