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Skydiving Events: the one group to rule them all

Photo courtesy of Planet Green Socks. Boogie on!
Written by Kolla

Remember this post from Sydney Williams of Planet Green Socks about Skydiving Events?
We wanted to know how people found out about events, and how they went about selecting the ones to go to. It sparked quite a bit of discussion in the community. Many jumpers got in touch and expressed a little frustration at having to use the bread crumb method to find events offering what they were looking for. The really big events are usually well established and well advertised, but there is a ton of local, smaller events that go a bit unnoticed.

Teaming up with Planet Green Socks, we are going to sort this out for skydivers everywhere (well, to begin with it will be skydivers that are on Facebook that reap the benefit). We have started a group on Facebook, where we will corral event information into one place. Hop over to Planet Green Socks for more details on what the group is about, who can post, how and what.

PD New Beginning

Ready to join the group? Just click your heels (and mouse) and we’ll teleport you right out of Kansas and into the land of great skydiving events. Let’s boogie.

Photo courtesy of Planet Green Socks. Boogie on!

Photo courtesy of Planet Green Socks. Boogie on!

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