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January Jump in Iceland. Yeah. ICELAND

Written by Kolla

Back in the way-back-day, I did some static-line jumps and my AFF in Iceland , and could tell you many stories about skydiving on this little rock in the northern Atlantic. We’ll keep these stories off the internet though.

I’ve spent a lot of years becoming soft in Florida, but the jumpers back home are still going strong. On January 18, the Cessna needed to be flown from the dropzone on Hella to the big city for its annual inspection. Since they had to fire it up anyway, why not make a couple of loads?
Svala Rut Birgisdóttir described conditions as butt-ass-cold,  plenty of snow on the ground, clear sky, -25°C at 10k and around 22 knots on the ground. The local Vikings laugh at that and got geared up.

PD New Beginning

After a whole lot of de-icing (hangar, airplane, gas pump) the plane was ready to fly. Jumpers Tryggvi Jónasson og Lárus Kazmi were on the first load to 5k and reported back such awesomeness that the rest of the group decided to go all the way up for the next one. Many layers of wool and windbreakers later and the first full altitude jump of the year was in the bag.

Enjoy the video and photos – and many thanks to Svala for sharing. Her name by the way, could sort of translate to Cool or Coolie – appropriate for an Icelandic jumper!


  • eh big whoop we jump the winter here in ny too and not just because the plane has to fly -13f at altitude isnt so bad if ur use to skiing and ur only up there for a min.

    • The reason we do not usually jump during winter here in Iceland is that there are only 300.000 people living here, we have around 60 licensed skydivers and only 20-30 of them are active. Most of the skydivers live in Reykjavík, which is about one hour drive from the DZ in Hella, and the weather is most of the time too bad to jump or there is too much snow on the roads that makes it impossible to go to the DZ by car. But the main reason is that there are not enough skydivers to run the DZ all year around, plus the bad weather, 20 hours of darkness and closed roads because of snow and/or 20 – 100 knots wind!
      That’s why it’s a BIG WHOOP to make January jump in Iceland :)

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