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Backpack Helicopter: would you jump it?

Photo courtesy of Backpack Helicopter's Facebook
Written by Kolla

This futuristic contraption is still in the concept stage, but inventor Tarek Ibrahim is hard at work on the prototype and expects first test flights in June, 2015.
The company sports a very minimalistic webpage and has just added a Facebook page  which contains a few more computer generated photos of the Backpack Helicopter. They promise to be able to take skydiver up to 10,000 feet for a jump, and have it as a mission to replace cars with flying machines.

Now the question is, think it will work?  And if so, would you jump it?

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Photo courtesy of Backpack Helicopter's Facebook

Photo courtesy of Backpack Helicopter’s Facebook

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    • Not sure it would return itself, as then it would essentially be a giant drone, no? I don’t see permits for recreational use of that any time soon! I imagine there is a tandem version in the works, leaving a pilot with the unit (or maybe giving full on tandem rides for those that don’t want to jump).

  • Absolutely I would jump it a couple of times. My father always said there would be a day when we have some sort of device that would take us to altitude and then return itself to the charging station. While that all sounds great, half the fun of jumping is the plane ride up with friends, and it would take the challenge out of building formations. But it would be a fun jump to log!

  • The technology geek in me would love to see a flock of these to carry a formation aloft. Then, after exit, each unit would coordinate the collective approach back to the launch location. I guess you could widely space the launch locations for a group, and build in staggered delays on descents to create separation for the returning jumpships.


  • I think it won’t work. Because it s design agains to aerodinamik rules. If the designer wants to backpack work, he must add more prop on it and ofcourse must change design.
    Soner Çerik
    Mechanical Engineer

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