Where do you find out about skydiving events?

Ready to get your jump on? How do you find out what's going on?
Written by Sydney

As the kickoff to skydiving season for most of the US gets a bit closer, it’s time to start thinking about what events you want to hit this year.

Generally speaking, events at your home DZ are probably pretty easy to find. Posters around the drop zone, a calendar on the website, event pages on Facebook – chances are you’re probably in the loop about what is going on during the year.

But if you’re looking for an event outside of your home drop zone, where do you find that information?

PD New Beginning

There are so many epic events out there, and a lot of us really dig traveling, so how do you plan your skydiving trips? Where do you find the information you need? What kind of information are you looking for when you are seeking out an event?

Let us know in the comments, or shoot me an email.

Hopefully I’ll be able to catch up with you guys somewhere out there this year. :)

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