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Want to become a Canopy Piloting Judge?

Written by Lara

Our sport is not all secret handshakes and high-fives in the airplane, it has a competitive side too!
The free fall disciplines are normally scored by judges sitting in front of a monitor, using video from the jump, but in Canopy Piloting judging for the most part happens live, on the ground, scored by a team of judges. The number of judges needed on the course varies a little bit from one event to another, but it certainly takes a team to get a swoop meet scored quickly and accurately.

PD New Beginning

JoJo B has served as a Chief Judge at many swoop meets in the recent years, putting in untold hours in and around the pond. She is organizing several courses over the coming season, anyone interested in getting their Regional CP Judge Rating should attend. Courses will be held at each FLCPA meet and the first NECPL as well. According to JoJo, CP Judges get the best seats in the house, and if you are interested in competing – there isn’t a better way to learn all the rules than to be a judge.

Judging is a fantastic way to be a part of the Canopy Piloting community if you are either not yet at competition level or don’t want to actually compete. You get detailed knowledge of all of the rules and get front row seats for some of the most amazing scenes you can see in skydiving. Plus you get to meet some amazing characters along the way. No experience is necessary either in judging or in swooping. You don’t even need to be a skydiver to judge. If you’re interested in exploring another aspect of skydiving, learning more about canopy piloting, or just meeting some really cool people, come out and judge!


The course is FREE – you just have to put in a little bit of work to enjoy the rating.  For more information or to secure your seat at one of the courses, email Jo at  Dates and locations:
FLCPA #1 Skydive City Z-Hills February 21-22 
FLCPA #2 Skydive City Z-Hills March 14-15
FLCPA #3 Raeford Parachute Center May 16-17
FLCPA #4 Raeford Parachute Center June 12-13
NECPL #1 Crosskeys NJ July 11-12

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