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i61: January 2015

Blue Skies Magazine issue #61: January 2015 |
i61: January 2015 | Belgian FS team NMP Pch HayaBusa during the recent Dubai International Parachuting Championship. Photo by Bruno Brokken
Written by Lara

The first issue of 2015 is out!

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Blue Skies Magazine issue #61: January 2015 |

i61: January 2015 | Belgian FS team NMP Pch HayaBusa during the recent Dubai International Parachuting Championship. Photo by Bruno Brokken

On the Cover

Moe blows bubbles and Bruno photographs a photographer.

Featured Photo

We’ll just let the caption speak for itself. “The gentlemen of Bay Area Skydiving geared up for a load on the annual Speedo Day. • Photo by Jessie Brownlow”

The FlyBy

  • Reader Question: What’s your jumping weather window?
  • Comic Relief: Take It DZ by Nadene
  • Best Maps Ever. Former tunnel god Derek Percoski is a cartographer. Who knew?
  • Miracle 11’s Continuing Miracles by Mike Robinson

    Read the full story online at

Ridiculous Maneuvers: An Interview by Missy Keough

Ridiculous fun, more like.

Early on you could tell that these guys were badass. I liked their commitment, discipline and tenacity. So I casually said, ‘You guys need a cameraman?’ They said yes so fast I had to duck! Were they desperate or did they just have a keen eye for talent? I like to think they chose the latter.

New Days at Skydive Taft by Christopher Rosenfelt

One step at a time and are doing it 100 percent organically, so it will take time. Long term we want to build a healthy, sustainable business that is an awesome place to be and hang out, whether in the air or on the ground.

Bridge Day ’14: A Photo Essay by David Cherry

Centerfold by Randy Swallows

Blue Skies Magazine issue #61 | Centerfold by Randy Swallows |

Heroes of Skydiving builds the base of their 100-way sequentials over Skydive Lake Wales. Photo by Randy Swallows

Download Wallpaper (1600 x 1200)

Get the Shot by Tony Hathaway

I always think of using the camera settings to control the background lighting, and the flash to control the foreground lighting.

Full reprint coming soon!

Super Sky Sleuth

Gotta find them all!

Tunnel Got You Stiff? by Emma Tranter

So, if you stretch and strengthen your legs you will access more freedom in your back.

PD New Beginning

Full reprint coming soon!

SkyCouples: Montana & Mario by Eli Godwin

We got set up through a good friend of mine, Dan BC, who set me up as her playercoach. Best blind date I ever had!

Full reprint coming soon!

Pivot! by Sydney Owen Williams

With the help of some of my more seasoned friends, I want to talk to you about the pivot point. The idea that if you set a good foundation from the getgo, you’ll have a much better chance at success throughout your career in the sky.

Full reprint coming soon!

New Music in Dubai by Kurt Gaebel, NSL

It was a great start for Canada into the musical part of international formation-skydiving competitions, and it may not be the last time that “O Canada” is played.

Read the full article online at

Viewer Mail by the Fuckin’ Pilot

Until pilots actually stand up for themselves and demand the treatment they deserve for all the training they’ve suffered through and responsibility they are given, they’re gonna get fucked.

Full reprint coming soon!

If You Want to Make Money … Stop Worrying about Money by James La Barrie

Everyone needs to dream, but focusing exclusively on
money can be a creativity and passion killer (the two elements needed for massive success).

Full reprint coming soon!

The Bigger Pursuit by Melanie Curtis

Who were you before you went skydiving?
Who are you now?

Full reprint coming soon!

Dear SkyGod

Seems like if you’re not flying a brightly colored G3 with hipster glasses and an elasticated wristband alti under your fucking armpit you aren’t cool enough to skydive with.

Full reprint coming soon!


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