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i60: December 2014

Blue Skies Magazine i60: December 2014 | Steve Curtis cuts away during a GoPro Swoop and Slide project at Skydive Arizona. Photo by Samantha Schwann |
i60: December 2014 | Steve Curtis cuts away during a GoPro Swoop and Slide project at Skydive Arizona. Photo by Samantha Schwann
Written by Lara

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On the Cover

Try not to get the shivers looking at Steve Curtis on a slip ‘n slide; he’s in warm sunny Arizona, we promise. Samantha Schwann captures the splishy splashy moment he cut away. Results are in for the 2014 Drop Zone Awards–congratulations to all the winners!

Featured Photo

Miles Daisher and Mike Swanson have a bit of a tussle during Bridge Day 2014. Photo by David Cherry.

The FlyBy

  • Reader Question: What’s your dream life?
  • Comic Relief: Take It DZ by Nadene
  • Monthly tit4tat, Sadly, this is the end of the line for tit4tat–thank you to Joe and the gang for spreading the word about breast cancer awareness, in the most fun way possible. We’ll miss you! All future boob photos can come directly to us…
  • Freedom; a poem by Annette Raven Perin.
  • Pink Bra Jumps at Skydive Carolina by Curt Vogelsang
  • Alter Ego All-Girls CP Weekend by Carrie Transue
  • Compass & Crow Studios by Marissa Barclay

2014 Drop Zone Awards

You voted, we tabulated! And re-tabulated and re-tabulated and we promise, those are the actual results. We might move to the greater Chicagoland area now. Full winners will be posted online after the new year. Extra copies are available in the Blue Skies Mag shop: 2014 Back Issues.

Photo Interview: Joy Riders by Zach Lewis

BAMF team Joy Riders gets their turn in front of Zach’s lens.

“2015 is the year of the JoyRider; we have some super nice projects coming up and I’m really excited to get the chance to play along!”—Anna Moxnes

Get the Shot: Isolate Your Subject by Randy Swallows

Up your photography game with this ongoing series by the sport’s awesomest photographers.

Being deliberate in what you want to shoot will yield one of two results: you will get a shot that varies in perspective to 90 percent of the freefall images around, or you will fail.


Martin Gostner flying the AirDesign RISE 2 Superlight paraglider above Olüdeniz, Turkey. Photo by Josef Nindl.

Tunnel Got You Stiff? by Emma Tranter

We are so excited about this: Emma Tranter is a world-classs yoga instructor at the Yoga Shed in DeLand AND a BAMF tunnel flyer who will spend the next few issues giving you FREE yoga/stretching sequences. This first month focuses on neck and shoulders. Shout out to reddit user Chiemel for inspiring this series!

In the tunnel, the neck is often in a state of hyperflexion as we attempt to lift the chin to spill more air or look over a shoulder to see where we are going. Neck and shoulder problems are among the most common injuries, in and out of the tunnel.

Super Sky Sleuth

Find the 10 differences in these photos of MFS team Ridiculous Maneuvers by Bolt. Look for an in-depth, hard-hitting interview with the team by Missy Keough in our next issue!

PD New Beginning

SkyCouples: Courtney and Kaitlyn by Eli Godwin

Courtney and Kaitlyn are the ‘newest to skydiving’ couple Eli Godwin has introduced us to so far.

Skydiving has brought us closer as a couple. We love that we share a sport and can talk to each other about certain aspects and the other doesn’t get sick of hearing it.

Relative Work by Sydney Owen Williams

Sydney tackles the age-old dilemma for jumpers: Spend holiday time with your biological family, or go to a boogie somewhere warm with your sky family?

Let’s be serious. If you’re reading this magazine, there’s a good chance that skydiving has completely taken over a portion of your life, if not all of it.

Turning Points: Free Competition Training by Kurt Gaebel, NSL

We go full meta on this one. Kurt Gaebel read Sydney’s last column and has a response! Competition will always cost money, but there is free training out there.

The only thing in this scenario that is not free is my good craft beer that I have to buy first.

Read the full article online at

A Million Ways to Die by the Fuckin’ Pilot

You’re more likely to die in a car crash than skydiving.

One of my favorite writers once said, “On a long enough timeline everyone’s chances of survival drops to zero.” So knowing that, have as much fun as you can, be as safe as possible about it, and enjoy the hell out of this fucking ride!

Marathon Training Sucks by James La Barrie

No shit. It is 100% worth it though.

If your offseason planning consists of creating an event schedule and ensuring you have enough staff, I hate to break it to you, but you’re training for a 5K, not a marathon.

The World Tour by Melanie Curtis

Melanie Curtis,, is circling the world, y’all! #MFWT

Why? Because you’re skydivers. We jump. Both literally and figuratively, as fierce livers of life knowing that things we think might be possible, almost certainly are.

Dear SkyGod

SkyGod is in the holiday spirit.

You know what doesn’t count as insurance? Breaking yourself for no good reason and asking the community to send money to a PayPal account.


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