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Reader question: What’s your jumping weather window?

Written by Lara

Up here in this hemisphere, it’s getting cooooooold. We’ve heard rumors that it’s actually getting hotter in that other hemisphere, but that seems like just hogwash. Whatever season you’re in, this month’s reader question is:

What’s your weather window?

How cold is too cold, and how hot is too hot? Do you have a formula? Like, the temperature must be at least twice your age minus 10 and no less than half your age plus 4? Not that that’s mine or anything …

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  • I no go if the plane don’t go. Generally the plane prefers the thermometer reading contains more than one digit.

  • at my DZ, jumps can be done as long as temperature is not below -16C (3F) at exit altitude. for maximum i already done a few 40C jumps, and it would definitelly be my maximum cuz in the plane it’s just broiling…
    i think both extreme temperatures are a danger for repeting skydives, not so much if you do 3-4 jumps a day and take time to rehydrate or get warmer..

  • Plane at my home DZ won’t fly if it is below freezing on the ground – that doesn’t mean it is not -5F at altitude, or worse. I prefer 45F+ on the ground, but it doesn’t take a lot of arm twisting to get me on the plane below that. Circulation returning as you flake kinda sucks. Trips to the pisser are more humbling than usual too.

  • If I must wear anything under my jumpsuit, it’s too cold. My range of tolerance now is 60 to 120 degrees. When I was a noob, it was 30 to oh no, clouds at 2500.

  • I don’t jump when the ground temperature is below my age. It’s been a 25 degree swing since I started! :)

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