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Meet SexyFly from Patagonia

Written by Kolla

A few weeks ago we showed you a video by Federico Urquizu – or Fede – showing friends paramotoring in Patagonia, Argentina. The flying community in Esquel is at it again. As you can see below, the group continues to experience flight in just about every manner available, short of taking Harry Potter’s broomstick for a spin.  Now known as SexyFly, you can follow their adventures on Facebook as well as on Vimeo.

PD New Beginning

SexyFly is putting Esquel on the map as the mecca of Speedriding and SpeedFlying in Patagonia. The team consists of Nicolas Eyo, Oscar Peña, Claudio Mardones, Nahuel Mateo and Fede Urquizú.

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