BSBD Justin Gulley

Written by Kolla

BSBDcropSMPerris Valley jumper Justin Gulley died from injuries sustained after a low turn on Saturday, November 29 2014.

The incident remains under investigation. Justin is reported to have been coming back from a somewhat long spot, landing a little away from the main landing area. It is possible that the low turn came about by him trying to turn the canopy into the wind last second.

Justin is reported to have had over 300 jumps, and jumping canopy of medium performance loaded at approximately 1:1.

PD New Beginning

We send our sincerest condolences to his family and friends and everyone at Perris.

News Reports: The Press Enterprise, Valley News


  • I think this is a shitty thing to happen to a good person. I’ve known Justin since the 7th grade. We all take risk’s in life, Justin has never been scared to do so. As long as we don’t forget to talk about him, he will never be forgotten. Your long time friend.

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