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Perfect Madness by Alastair Macartney

Written by Kolla

Skydiver, BASE jumper, Chief Mischief Maker and friend of Blue Skies Mag Alastair Macartney has just released his first book entitled Perfect Madness: Escaping The Confines Of Conformity, Making The Impossible Possible And Redefining The Road To Success In Your Life!

For the rest of this month it’s only $0.99!

It’s fun and easy read, designed for everyone that wants to live their dreams and create new possibilities. There are chapters on Redefining Possible and Developing Your Future as well as lessons such as; The Dragon Won’t Eat You, Danger Perception, Be Mad and Reach For The Stars. Skydivers in particular will be interested in the chapter on Fear and those interested in competitions will like the Mindful and Stamina chapters.

PD New Beginning

The deal is already set up via – no special coupons or secret handshakes needed. Visit this link to purchase. Once you are done reading, come back to and leave a review, helping your fellow jumper sell some more books. Did we mention he’s a brand new dad as well? And that baby needs new shoes for winter? Come on now, spot him a dollar and get a great book!

For more information, updates and mischief, follow Alastair on Facebook or check out the page for additional resources.


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