PD Factory Team 2.0 Raffle – we have a winner!

Written by Kolla


Bless their little swooping hearts, the PD Factory Team put together this precious video of the great grand draw.

Jessica Edgington did the honors for the first place winner, and the name she pulled out of the hat was no other than our very own president of the Blue Skies Mag Movie Club – Missy Keough!   Who will from now on be known as Melissa KA-OUW. Or Kapow. We think it fits!

Congrats to all the winners!

List of winners, drawn from 750 raffle tickets!

Grand Prize: Custom colored main by Performance Designs, Optimum reserve by Performance Designs, Javelin Odyssey  with all options from Sun Path Products, Expert Cypres from Airtec, helmet from Cookie Composites, 2x N3’s from Alti-2, custom jumpsuits from Liquid Sky Sports, shoes, socks and shoelaces from ChutingStar!
Melissa Keough

PD New Beginning

2nd Prize: Helmet from Cookie Composites, N3 from Alti-2
David Bosanko

3rd Place Prize (10x): Flight-1 Canopy Course
Samuel Benson
Thomas Nguyen
Bartcomiej Goldman (Bigos)
Noelia Crovato Romero
Sara Poremski
Positive Thoughts (aka Angie Sullivan)
Brett Whip
Scott Brown
John M. Wallace
Alexander Teskey

4th Place Prize (5x): Swag-bags with goodies
Ryan Cutter
Kritter Weiss
Sean Barchie
Stephan Waluga
Joseph Videc

Winners will receive a notification the PD Factory Team, detailing how to claim their winnings!

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