Sunset Record Attempt

Photo by Lawrence de Laubadere
Written by Kolla

10819001_10152848152244367_834937499_nYesterday concluded after 5 jumps of intense work and pressure – venturing into the new and uncharted territory of large head-up formations.
The group came just two slots away from the attempted 44-way record. Absolutely amazing performance on all accounts for the first day.  Lawrence will continue his updates throughout the day, as he’s able. Here is a note from him setting the stage for today. The jumps are now a 44-way, after one

PD New Beginning

On the fourth jump an issue occurred with the base, which resulted in many throughout the formation to let go of their grips.
Normally the doing sequence dictates that you should only dock if what you are docking on is built and ready. When it’s the base that has an issue, rather than a pod, things get a little confusing. Stay on or let go? The take home point for the group was that if you feel yourself adding to the stability of the formation – stay docked – but if you feel that you are a part of what is leading to instability, let go in a controlled manner. Stay on level and in your slot, and rebuild as soon as possible.

Managing levels remains super important and good presentation of grips as well. This is something the group will continue to work on throughout the event.

Today, day 2 (out of 3) the group assembled at 7:45 AM (Eloy time!) to implement some changes.  The pressure will increase and the group is expecting wheels up  shortly for attempt #6! I’ll leave you with one last sunset photo from Day 1!

Photo by Lawrence de Laubadere

Photo by Lawrence de Laubadere


Click here to visit the update from Day 1.

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