Head-up Record – Day 2: It’s a wrap!

Photo by Lawrence de Laubadere
Written by Kolla

This just in from Lawrence!

After two attempts, on the 21st of November 2014, 44 skydivers set a new Upright/Head-Up Largest Formation record. The organizers contemplated stopping here but deciding the jumpers are having so much fun during these jumps they decided to keep going and attempt a 53-way formation. Andy Malchiodi commented “nine years ago we did a 53-way head-down formation and today we’re going to do a 53-way head-up formation”. The organizers did make it clear that for rules and logistical reasons, if a new larger record is set today, the 44-way would no longer be claimed but if the 53-way is achieved tomorrow then both will be claimed.

Congrats to everyone in Eloy!

Below a picture from a jump this morning.  A bit of a gloomy arrival allowed the participants to relax and warm up nicely prior to the first jump.  The cloud base was high, and allowed for a jump from approx 15,500ft.  Lawrence noted a major change in organization with three planes instead of two – allowing for 1) faster and more efficient build, 2) letting the other group (also working on head-up formations) to go up to max altitude and do a formation jump (prior to which they were only jumping from one plane from regular altitude), 3) if/when we go bigger, it will make the transition seamless.

Photo by Lawrence de Laubadere

Photo by Lawrence de Laubadere



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