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Chicagoland Skydiving Center is offering up a PROpass again for 2015 season!
The PROpass is an all-you-can-jump season pass, available for a flat fee paid up before the start of the season.

Applications for the pass are accepted until the end of this month (November) from interesting parties.

PD New Beginning

The PROpass includes unlimited jumps from CSC aircraft (on visiting aircraft on a space available basis) from April to November, 2015.
Hop ‘n pops, full altitude – whatever you desire. You can get out at any scheduled pass between 3.500 and 14,000 feet. Jumps are good during boogies, canopy courses, skills camps, etc. The only thing ruled out is turn loads, but back to back loads with a shutdown in-between are fine.

For those of you that already dug out your calculator, break-even point for retail is at just under 200 jumps. During the past several years, people have put an average of 300 – 450 jumps on a pass. The record is 660 jumps in a single season! Teams have purchased passes to do a ton of training in a season, individuals purchase them so they can work on video flying or get the jumps needed for instructional ratings – and fun jumpers planning on a huge season of jumping.

PROpass applications are currently being accepted – get yours in before November 30th!  Please contact CSC directly with any questions you might have.

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