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Help a Jumper out: Jamie Lindsay – Movember Man

Written by Kolla

Jamie Lindsay has been in and around the sport for a long time, up to and including serving a stint as the U.S. Team Manager at the World Meet in Croatia 2004.
A few years ago Jamie was diagnosed with stage IV lymphoma and given just weeks to live. Jamie is not the giving-up type, so he went home and kicked cancers ass. There is a video below that tells you about that journey and Jamie’s connection with the LIVESTRONG foundation.

From day one, Jamie has been one of our stoutest supporters. I’ve lost count of the subscriptions he’s purchased, but he’s well into his second lifetime. He’s also keeps a steady stream of encouragement and good vibes coming.
Jamie is a big fan of SkyGod, and we suspect it’s because of a kindred spirit thing.
Jamie is currently going for round two with cancer. Prostate cancer this time around. Jamie was featured on the U.S. Movember website, as a card-carrying Mo Bro. With his dog Chemo by his side, we have no doubt that Jamie will kick this cancers ass too, moving right along.

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Click this link to check out his story on the Movember page.  If your wallet has a little something to spare, please consider paying it forward with a donation to Jamie’s fundraiser.  And then boys – once you reach that certain age, go and cough for the good doctor. Early detection saves lives – even when done in a little bit of an undignified manner.

All the best Jamie – keep on kicking!!

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