Black Friday 2014, Skydiving Edition!

Written by Kolla

This post is a list of all the Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals we are aware of in the skydiving world! If you are in a shopping mood, we hope you can find something to your liking. Thanks to all the companies and individuals that came out to play!

Bev Suits: 35% discount on suits AND options!  Click for details. Offer good until December 24th.

ChutingStar Holiday Deals: Lots of offers, too varied to sum up – click for details!

Dropzone Apparel: Discounted t-shirts, ship with a free sticker and pull-up cord. Click for details.

Edge BASE Jump Magazine: Free introductory copy, discount on subscriptions. Good through Cyber Monday. Click for details.

Fluid Wings: Deals on apparel, 10% of the Prime – Black Friday through Cyber Monday. RDS special on Black Friday ONLY. Click for details.

Icarus USA: 15% of mains, 10% of the Nano reserve (first 50 orders) – and free shipping!  Click for details.

Mirage Systems: dealer discount – you’ll have to call your dealer to find out the secret details. Click for a tiny bit more info.

PD New Beginning

NZ Aerosports: Free SkyArt slider with canopy purchase. Click for details and gorgeous samples. (*speedo* cough, *speedo*)

Opening Shock Aerial Outfitters: 30% off on orders over $30. Click for details. Offer good until December 18th.

Performance Designs: Free Buff with orders over $25, discount on hoodies and sunglasses. Click for details. Limited quantities, good through Cyber Monday.

Velocity Sports Equipment – Infinity Rigs: Free upgrade to BLACK stainless steel if you are ordering custom or deals on stock rigs.  Click for details.

Vertical Suits: 10% discount on all suits. Click for details. Offer good Cyber Monday ONLY.

Vinyl Closing Pin sticker: Personalized with your license number! Offer ONLY good Black Friday. Click for details.

Wicked Wingsuit: 50% of a rental, good Cyber Monday ONLY. Click for details.





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