Help a Jumper Out: Glenn Williams
Written by Lara

Glenn Williams, a jumper from Massachusetts, was visiting Tsunami Skydivers last weekend when he had a fairly serious accident resulting in a broken femur and pelvis. His friend Matthew wrote in to tell us, “One of our awesome skydive peeps recently had a pretty serious skydiving accident while visiting Oceanside and I’m trying to help him and his girlfriend by running a fundraiser to help with the burdens and costs as they deal with the hard road to recovery.”

Glenn and his girlfriend Erica were with a group of other skydivers visiting California to attend another skydiver’s wedding. His home DZ is Connecticut Parachutists, Inc. (CPI) and he also jumps at Pepperell and Jumptown in Orange, Mass.

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So if you have a few bucks ready to deposit in the karma bank, help Glenn out at the fundraising site his friends have set up:

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