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The Dropzone Diaries: funnier than ever

Written by Kolla

And now coming to a website near you!

Being huge fans of the Dropzone Diaries and their quirky comedy, we are happy to announce a little partnership. Approximately twice a month you will enjoy a carefully curated, hand-picked guest post from DD appearing right here on the Blue Skies Mag website.

PD New Beginning

The Dropzone Diaries is a humorous, satirical blog about the everyday life of a skydiver. Written through animated GIF’s and photos, the site pokes fun at the emotions, malfunctions, and day-to-day madness of dropzone life. Much of the content is submitted by fans, so check it out and submit your ideas today!


While we prepare the first post, please feel free to head on over to the Dropzone Diaries website and use your ENTIRE lunch break to laugh at the previous posts.

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