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Reader question: What’s your dream life?

Written by Lara

We wax damned poetically about Living The Dream. The elusive, beautiful, mystical LTD. We post amazing videos of people flying these unbelievable lines in European mountains and print stories about people who have cut away to live the dream.

Sometimes I get a little down on myself and wonder why I’m not out there LTD’ing it up, living in a tent at the base of an Italian mountain, hitchhiking to Kathmandu for a BASE documentary with a quick SCUBA excursion in the Caribbean before paragliding in outer Mongolia. When my idea of a good weekend is a few fun jumps and maybe some Bed Bath and Beyond, if there’s time – am I really living the dream? Does anyone else’s dream include naps and gardening?

So this month’s reader question is:

PD New Beginning

What is your LTD?

What would you really be doing if you won the jackpot?

My LTD is owning my own tiny, slightly shabby house in Florida, flying in the tunnel every now and then, putting out a smutty little magazine every month, being my own boss, making a high hop & pop every once in a while, reading in a kayak on a lake on a sunny day. If I won the lottery, I’d pay off all my debt, buy a few paragliding trips to Utah, and keep on keepin’ on. Shamefully bland dream life, but totally the one I’d pick. Thankfully, it’s also the life I live! LTD, yo.

Select responses will be printed in the upcoming issue of Blue Skies Mag. Comment here or email me at Sign your comment or email with your name or nickname as you would like it printed. Responses might be edited for spelling, grammar, clarity or space.


  • Debt free, few WS, two SL up rigs, two SL down rigs, new Subaru Forester, invest half of what’s left, save a quarter of that in some tax free location, blow the rest on travel, and memories while I finish college. Then work sparingly, use return on investments for humanitarian efforts and my pay from work to continue funding travel, food,water, and tequila addictions. Once I find a place to call home, I would purchase a humble home base and carry on as normal until zombies take over.

  • I would buy a couple of BASE rig, mountaing lightweight paraglide, new wingsuit and book a year trip to USA, Europe and Venezuela.

    First stop, Utah for BASE FJC and jump as much as possible (3 months there). After that i´d travel to Florida for some tunnel and fun jumps (just a month). Then travel to Spain for some nice wingsuit coach (a month) and then travel to Italy for some jump at Brento (4 months). At that time i´ll little tired so would go to french Alps (2 and a half months), do some hiking, paragliding and base jump, ended with nice wine, food and friends.
    The trip ends in Venezuela with my two dreamed Base jumps. First one at Angels Fall and the second is just the real dream of my life. A wingsuit Base jump at Kukenan Tepui.

    After all this, i just can die (happy) and give all the money left (if there´s some) to “real charity” (i mean any organization that promote skydiving).

    Blue sky and good vibes

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