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Best Christmas Boogie 2014?

Written by Kolla

Can you help Crystal?

She is looking to hit up a good boogie for Christmas and New Years and is willing to do the whole plane, train and automobile to find it.  Crystal does not discriminate and enjoys both freefly and RW and for her a decent selection of organizers is a must.
Please add your suggestions in the comments, and note why that boogie is worth going to.

PD New Beginning

Here is a very incomplete list of boogies that we know of:


  • Yes! Please help! Any one been to Z-hills or Eloy Holiday boogies in the last few years and have some feedback?!

  • You want to stay in the US? I am also still in the stage of planing. I live in Europe though.. been to Namibia (Africa) last year. This year my plan right now includes Dubai (Winterfest), Empuriabrava (Christmas/ New Years Boogie) , Elsinore, Eloy or Sebastian.

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