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Can you help? Helmet bought but not delivered

Written by Kolla

icon-talkNearly 2 years ago, Anthony P purchased the unreleased C6 Air helmet from Sky Systems USA.  The helmet was to be delivered during the summer of 2013. It was not, and now Anthony is not having luck getting responses or a refund from the company.  Anthony believes there are other skydivers in the same situation. Any suggestions for them?

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  • If he a proof of purchase and evidence of his attempts to resolve the situation, he may able to get his credit card company to reverse the transactions. Not sure on the time limit on this, but I was successful with this with a dispute with an online retailer.

  • For all of those who are sick of waiting and want a refund, but after numerous requests haven’t been given one, there is another way out of this interest free loan for Sky Systems… If you were lucky enough to have paid through a credit or debt card, you’re in luck! Simply call the number on the back of your card, request to speak with a dispute representative and file a dispute for the charge. If you explain the circumstances and can provide them with a receipt and any email exchanges with Doug or anyone else at Sky Systems, you’ll likely be granted a refund and have the charge cancelled.

    If you want your money back, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you contact your credit card company and dispute the charge. I’m 2 weeks from having my credit finalized and am 99% sure it will go through. If you want a copy of the letter I used, please feel free to message me and I’ll gladly send it to you to use as a template.

    Well I’ve done just that and I’m happy to report that the G3 I ordered from Steve at last week is being delivered today! How’s that for a happy ending?! Hit up Steve and get your full face helmet today!

  • Anthony…. I think I told you this in person. Call them and tell them that you want either the helmet, or your money refunded. Then send them an email and copy yourself on that email to show effort to resolve this.

    In that email detail EVERYTHING like when you made the purchase, how many attempts you have made to resolve the issue. Then, if you used a CC contact them. If not, then you will need to contact the BBB for the area the company is in and I’d check to see if the local news area has an “On your side” type of segment and send your information to them.

    I also would document everything on

  • I have quite a bit of experience trying to get my money back from them. I have yet to receive my actual refund, though I have received written confirmation that it is in progress. But we’ll see what happens. Persistence is your best friend when working with Sky Systems. I have been calling at least weekly for about a year. The best number is 844-759-3327. Be persistent. Don’t give up. I can also say from experience that BBB won’t get you anywhe. I filed formal claims with BBB and the attorney General of North Carolina where sky systems is based out of. Both of these organizations contacted Sky Systems, however, Sky Systems never responded to either claim. I hope this information is helpful and I hope you get your money back.

  • I jump a Sky Systems helmet and don’t even want to put the damn thing on again after reading all this. Certainly not a good way for Sky Systems to retain their current customer base. I am now in the market for a new helmet. I so hope this turns out okay for all those who’ve experienced such trouble with Sky Systems.

  • I too ponied up for one of these helmets. Unfortunately, I used PayPal. PP only covers problems with a transaction for 90 days. Lesson learned, unfortunately one that is going to keep a new helmet out of my hands.

  • And the verdict is: You have most certainly helped Anthony. Though it is being investigated to some extent, the bank has finally reimbursed me. I basically tried it all, but the fact that I took it this far and have records of my interactions…it literally paid off.

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