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Movie Club: vexedart

Written by Kolla

This Friday we bring you a snazzy video, that we don’t quite know how to describe. It’s an interesting mix of art and skydiving, so probably best to just let the creator of the video, contemporary visual artist Vedi Djokich, do the talking:

Combining elements of skydiving and art into one project revolving around time and the transformation of self: continuously moving beyond the cycle of fear, letting go of inhibitions, and falling into the unknown vision.

We can tell you though that it is stunning – and that there is some pretty darn awesome skydiving taking place, done by people that you would expect just that from. Heavy on the art part in the beginning – maybe even a bit dark and Dexter-esque for a bit, but keep going to get to the skydiving parts!

Sky families are the best families. |

The video features many well known jumpers, such as Sara Curtis, Steve Curtis, Benjamin Forde, John Blackburn, Chazi Blacksher, Nick Blacksher, Nancy Koreen, Jason Peters, Niklas Daniel, Brianne Thompson and James Alan.

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