WORLD WAR XP – Beer Naming Competition!

Written by Kolla

Submitted by Keith Creedy

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Paraclete XP is brewing their own craft beer for their World War XP dynamic tournament (October 11) and has teamed up with Blue Skies Mag to name their thirst quenching bubbly deliciousness. Paraclete is looking for names that incorporate tunnel flying – preferably the dynamic type of flying. Fun/funny/witty is preferred.

The beer selection currently brewing includes a blonde, bavarian hefeweizen, pumpkin ale, and a stout. Help them come up with some shred-tastic dynamic/tunnel related names for these beers!

Here are a few examples that might help you get your brain in gear:  Bottom Loop Blonde, a Switching Stout, or a Pumpkin Shuffler. Come up with your own and if it’s good, that’s what we’ll be naming our beer! Plus, you get FREE STUFF!!  

fb beer mugs 2-2TO ENTER: Submit your suggestion as a comment on our Facebook page).  You may submit as many as you’d like but each entry MUST be its own comment. You can submit comments on this page too, but they won’t be eligible for winning, because people can’t vote for them here!

PD New Beginning

HOW WE DECIDE THE WINNER(S): 45% entries with the most likes, 45% judges’ choice based on creativity, 15% how drubnkk we are after beer testing.

And here is a little pro tip: since voting takes place on Facebook, sharing that post to your friends/family/dropzones telling them to vote for your suggestion(s) increases your chances of winning. WINNING!!!   5 winners will be chosen just from sharing, not including the 4 winners from the contest.

And now to the really fun part: HELP DRINK THE BEER! Come to Paraclete XP on October 11th, 2014. Drink our beer. It’s really that simple.

WATCH THE COMPETITION LIVE: We’re broadcasting LIVE on October 11th, 2014 (this Saturday), so tune in to the WWXP LiveStream broadcast and join in on the fun!

Just to sum it up: Beer Naming Competition on Facebook.  LIKE to VOTE for your favorites, COMMENT to ENTER your beer name, and SHARE to WIN even more!  GO!


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