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The skydiving community is absolutely unique in the way it comes together to help or assist its members.
In particular when disastrous stuff happens, such as injury or illness, but it can also be noted in the little things.

Like when you have a cutaway at a and can’t get to your main and someone pulls out their old Sabre so you can at least have something to jump.
Or when your flight gets in super late and you are stranded at an airport trying to get to a boogie, a skydiver you’ve never met before will squeeze you in their car and give you a ride. Or when you meet someone at the DZ, share a beer and before you know it you are swapping couch space for future travels. With skydivers coming from all walks of life and so many nations, it also provides us with a great collective reach around the world and access to many interesting brains and their owners.

We do get requests for help and/or information from time to time, and from here on out we will put those out to our online community to help find answers, utilizing Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to get the word out.

PD New Beginning

We will also put those post up on the website under the “Can you help?” tag, so if you want to go back to see if a certain question has already been discussed, you can. We tried out the first one today, to see if anyone could help the Skydiving Club of Nottingham University figure out the largest formation done by a single university is – so they can then go and try to beat that record.  The community has respond with a good bit of information and resources for more. Hopefully we will see that with future questions as well.

For those not on Facebook, we will post the questions up on the website as well, where you can leave a response in the comments.

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