Rickerby Memorial at Skydive DeLand

Written by Kolla

The name David Rickerby rings many bells for skydivers that were around before the days of GoPro. You might actually have to go back to the time when Velcro on rigs was hip and cool to really appreciate the skydiving era he lived in.

Many skydivers can be described as one of a kind – but even in a hangar full of memorable characters, Rickerby managed to stand out. An incredibly talented artist, he decorated all kinds of surfaces, including many rigs.  Some are still in service today, although their numbers are dwindling.

PD New Beginning

A memorial and tribute to this unique skydiving artist will be held at Skydive Deland on October 31st, 2014 from 3:00 PM until dark.



  • I knew David for at least 25 yrs and it was an honor to me to have known him Eat, Fuck, Skydive is in every painting he ever made see if you can find it in the one’s you see its there. Blue Sky’s

  • I remember when being a load organizer at Z hills on Mr D during the 80’s david had his bus in the back side of the DZ known as Buddyville, I walked into his bus he was sitting there holding his stomach I ask whats wrong mate he replyed nothing I’m just hungry I grabbed his shoulder and said come on david let’s go into town and have dinner i’m buying he looked at me in disbelief I nodded and said come one lets go I’m even driving so we went and had a great dinner and he was ever so thankful- painted my rig for free and our friendship grew and grew. Miss you Mate. RIP

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