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Movie Club: King of Swoop 2014

Written by Kolla

By Missy Keough

With the 2nd Annual Sun Path Products Canopy Piloting Open coming up hot on our heels (October 8th – 12th, in Raeford NC – click for Facebook event page) , I wanted to give some love to our team in blue and to all the additional canopy pilots that are out there doing the damn thang.

PD New Beginning

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it 5,305 more times (or until I fade away): I am eternally grateful for this sport because I feel it’s the only sport where you can fly/learn with the best of the best.  THANK YOU to all the canopy pilots that take the time to come visit dz after dz, in order to teach us how to be the safest pilots we can be.

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