Have you JUI?

Like most of you guys, I got my copy of Parachutist yesterday and went pretty straight to the incident reports. I still can’t really believe what I’m reading.

If you haven’t gotten your copy yet, toxicology reports on both (unrelated) fatalities in October’s incident reports indicated recent marijuana use — i.e., within hours of jumping — that most likely contributed to their deaths.

I’m naïve about drugs. Not that I have never or will never done them — and I don’t much care what other people do or don’t do — but it never occurs to me that people jump drunk or high or anything. I guess I think of drugs and booze squarely in the weather-hold or done-jumping time slots. So I’m curious — have you jumped under the influence?

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Have you ever jumped under the influence?

  • I used to, but don't anymore. (5%, 31 Votes)
  • Never. (69%, 463 Votes)
  • Yes, regularly. (8%, 55 Votes)
  • Yes, a few times. (11%, 73 Votes)
  • Yes, once. (8%, 53 Votes)
Total Voters: 675

I’m not condemning these jumpers and I don’t want to start any hate campaigns. We’re all grown ass adults making our own decisions, and these guys certainly fall under at least the age requirement for that.

Anyone else in as much shock as me, or am I the only stupidly ignorant one out there?


  • I think we shouldn’t lose fact of how great these people were and not let this report lead to a discussion that disrespects them as a whole. Slippery slope, this discussion can be…

    • Totally agree. We’re prepared with the delete button on any comments that go astray or attack.

      I think it’s still worth talking about. Are these two incidents just coincidental anomalies? I don’t think I’d know drug use at the DZ unless I saw pipes or smoke, so I wonder just how oblivious I am.

      • I smoke but haven’t ever flown in my life, (idk if flown is the right word) but in my opinion the two shouldn’t be combined, as much as i love smoking, it could kill you while you’re in the air. i mean what happens if you zone out or lose concentration for a split second, you could smash against a wall or something. Can someone tell me who has smoked before flying how it feels like to fly high? is it harder?

      • Well, I can tell you first-hand that the guy who perished on the WS jump in FL routinely smoked pot all through the jump day. At least he did the five years I lived on the same DZ he did…I am not now, nor have I ever been cool with it. Yes, he was a very nice guy and a great friend to many of us, but let’s not canonize him; he fucked up pure and simple. I never understood how so many people could function so “seemingly” fine while smoking it up all day. I believe it leads to incredible reckelessness and I’m sure that led to his death.

  • Grown ass adults making our own decisions? Why does this line keep coming up? It’s totally annoying and selfish. Why do people think that if they have a serious or fatal accident at somebody else’s dropzone, that they are the only ones who are in any way affected?

    Your fatal or near-fatal accident has consequences for many others, including the DZO, witnesses, the reputation of the sport in general, and for those close to you.

  • Not shocked. But not sure that it had much in the grand scheme of things to do with their deaths. One was an 80 jump wonder who thought he could swoop and had been warned against it by the local S&TA. The other had a known bad habit of pulling exceptionally low below the BSR mandated altitude.

  • Many accidents are happening under canopy now. Canopy collisions are a killer, and midair collisions can be too. You shouldn’t drive a car or fly a plane under the influence, and you should’t skydive under the influence. “Hey, the pilot is high. Who wants on the next load?” Be responsible with other people’s lives.

  • Just curious really how present the MJ was in their system…can it be detected accurately, or could it be that they had used MJ in say, the past 8-10 hours? Many folks wouldn’t be impaired after that time. Just curious. BSBD.

  • I once jumped reasonably soon after a smoking a joint. It was a planned event and the jump was solo. I just wanted to see what it was like. Hated it, ruined both the jump and the stone and never had the urge to do it again. I can’t vouch for others experiences.

  • JUI = technically yes, I’ve had a beer then made a jump. Just as I would drink a beer and get behind the wheel. I don’t do it all the time, but I have done it and I’m quite certain I will do it again at some point in my future.

    However, if the real question is “Have I jumped when I knew I was drunk or high?” then the answer is no, I have not.

  • In the mid 90’s there was a nice “senior” jumper who had a low pull and a minor malfuction to deal with. It scared the hell out of everyone. Because he was well respected I guess know one said anything. His thing was alcohol. I was a new jumper and just observed being a rookie. The next week he showed up and wasn’t 100%. The DZ told him no jumping. He went down the road to another DZ and BSBD. Nice guy. Too bad.

  • Disclaimer: I am behind in my USPA dues, so I am not receiving the USPA periodical and am not privy to the incidents related to in this conversation.

    It’s a topic I’ve never understood. My “whuffo-ish” take has always been, “when you have so much beauty, so much awesomeness, such a natural high from skydiving; ‘whuffo’ you do that??” I’ll never understand. You (me) are not the only ones in the sky. We count on each other to be “present” for ourselves and each other, each and every jump. That’s the bond.

    I personally think the effects of THC are mostly eaten up by the adrenaline, so I don’t worry about that too much. It’s the ones who use alcohol and other portals of enhanced “ecstasy” who are creating havoc. It’s not cool, you’re an asshole. Period.

  • “that most likely contributed to their deaths” …… WTF …. waking up in the morning …….”that most likely contributed to their deaths” ……. jumping out of a plane ……””that most likely contributed to their deaths” ….. don’t start this crap without knowing the facts and drawing conclusions from 3rd and 4th hands…… sensationalizing crapheads……..!!! go to the incidents reports straight away ……. need we say more ……………

  • After seeing this post, I went and pulled out my new issue of Parachutist ( I am behind a month) and just read the incident report! Holy S*%$#! I am astounded that those were the incidents this past month and how tragic and avoidable! It’s devastating for the rest of us in the sport as well, one that the rest of the “normal world ” sees as extreme already…We need to take care of each other. I am wondering if incident #1 had any gear checks? No cocked pilot?? Pulling so low? I am not judging, but I have to wonder… So avoidable and so tragic… BSBD.

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