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The Bucket List Life goes skydiving

Written by Kolla

Colorado skydiver Kenyon Salo, founder of the Bucket List Life embarked on a mission in Boulder, Colorado to find someone – anyone – who had skydiving on their bucket list, and was willing to go tick that item off RIGHT NOW by doing a tandem with him. The theory is that people don’t make progress on the bucket list due to time or money constraints. By removing those two road blocks, would people go for it?

PD New Beginning

The mission of the Bucket List Life, as stated on their website:

Our goal is to help others truly live by helping them check off their bucket list items. We started from a belief that there is a paradigm shift in how and why people want to help others.  As we constantly improve our systems, tools, and experiences for everyone that links arms with us, we become a greater community. We are all collectively changing the world and helping others live the lives which they have only written down or dreamed

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