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TBT: Rings over Seoul

Written by Lara

Remember this?

A bunch of no-name (tee hee) skydivers got to jump into the opening ceremonies of the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, South Korea.

And here’s what it all looked like to the spectators:

PD New Beginning

Anyone on the jump want to share your photos or stories?

H/T to cptnpiccard for the reddit thread!


  • Hmmmmmm !! I thought that all skydivers who did the jump at the Seoul Olympic games earned the right to be there and were all previous / current world champions including current national accuracy champions selected from 24 nations to be on the team ( SOSET ) which appears to be contrary to one misinformed and envious person who wrote their comments ( tee hee ) …. Glad you weren’t on the team and the right people were is what I think.

    • I think you’re referring to my labeling of the jumpers as “no-names,” right? Jokes are always super funny when you have to explain them, but that was meant ironically, as every person on that jump was – and still is – a HUGE name.

        • Kenyon Crabtree was one, from San Diego CA! He works with me at ViaSat and still has this photo up in his office. Found it on google when I was telling a new team member who jumps about Ken.

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