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Movie Club Friday: Mystic Mountain

Written by Kolla

It is UTAH FRIDAY!!  While the rest of the skydiving world is heading east to go compete at the 2014 USPA Nationals at Skydive Chicago, the president of the Blue Skies Mag Movie Club is on her merry way to go play in the lovely blue skies of Utah with some friends. We have plotted course to Cloud 9 in Draper, Utah and will be taking lessons to get to know this paragliding thing a bit better.

And this is the perfect movie to kick off that new adventure.

Brought to us by Cade Palmer, “Mystic Mountain” is a beautiful film. It is a story of a climb up Volcán Atitlán by an international crew of 9 friends, and then the paraglider filght down.  It captures *that* feeling beautifully and leaves the viewer wanting nothing more than go out into nature and get under a wing. Very touching, in an inspiring way. Cheers to new adventures, new friends and amazing views. Go fly!

PD New Beginning

Music by Christian Beherenz and Afro Celt Sound System.

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