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Rookie Roundup at Skydive Arizona

AXISA little public service announcement from our friends at AXIS Flight School!
If you are new to the sport, holding a freshly minted A-license (and have less than 300 jumps), this event is for you. Run by professional coaches at top-notch facilities, and free. Did we mention FREE? As in, the good folks at Skydive Arizona are picking up the tab for coaching provided by world-class athletes. Oh, and beer. Did we mention beer? Tunnel?

Event: Rookie Roundup
Dates: Sep 27 & 28, 2014
Location: Skydive Arizona, Eloy, Arizona
Registration: Free

Ever feel a little bit left out when you arrive at the DZ? Not sure who to jump with, afraid to “be that guy” who might ruin the jump? Not sure how to go about receiving coaching, or which coaches are good ones, etc, etc. Rookie Roundup is geared toward newer jumpers looking to improve their current skills. It’s FREE! Skydive Arizona will provide coaching from Arizona Airspeed, Arizona Arsenal, AZTC and AXIS Flight School.

Rookie Roundup is an awesome weekend of jumping, tunnel, seminars and free coaching from some of the world’s best. That’s right. Arizona Airspeed, Arizona Arsenal and AXIS Flight School will be coaching everything – belly, freefly, tunnel and canopy. All of it. Wrapped up in a weekend of awesomeness. Oh yeah, and the coaching is free!

PD New Beginning

Rookie Roundup will be Sept 27 and 28 and is for jumpers new to the sport, with less than 300 jumps.

The weekend includes:

      • $23 slots
      • Free Coaching 
      • $75 tunnel time
      • Free Coaching
      • Free Coaching
      • A little bit of free beer
      • … and more FREE Coaching.

If you want to sign up – and I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t – email Skydive Arizona if you have any further questions.  Be sure to hurry, registration is free but slots are limited!

Tunnel for Rookie Roundup will be on Friday evening Sep 26, 2014 from 6pm-9pm at SkyVenture Arizona. If you have any questions about tunnel and/or want to sign up, please contact the tunnel directly to sign up. Slots are limited so hurry! Contact Annette via email (Annette at to register. 


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