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What’s in a World Record?

FAIThe World Air Sports Federation – perhaps better known as FAI (Fédération Aéronautique Internationale) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization. They ratify world and continental records and coordinate all international air-sports competitions, including parachuting.

You can view and search parachuting/skydiving records on the FAI website, or check out the short version on Wikipedia. (Jay Stokes will hopefully need an updated entry on that page shortly!).

Records are classified as Competition Records (set during a competition) and Performance Records (records set outside of dedicated competition).

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If you have what it takes and want to set a FAI record, this page tells you how you get your ducks in a row for that. To set a one, it’s not enough to go the furthest/fastest/biggest – you have to make sure you are setting a record in an existing discipline/category/event and that you follow proper procedures. You’ll need to know the current record, conduct yourself in harmony with the FAI Sporting Code, have a valid FAI sporting license from your National Airsport Control (NAC) organization, and finally there have to be qualified judges/monitors/official observers on hand to make sure everything is as it should be, and to sign the paperwork.

Once the record has been set, FAI must be notified of your performance within 7 days (there is a form for that). Your local NAC must also be notified, in order to do their due diligence. If everything checks out, they will sign off on your new national record (celebrations ensue). Within 120 days, the NAC must then send the entire dossier along with required evidence (such as the photo of a record big-way) on to the FAI, requesting an approval for a world or continental record. The FAI does their own vetting as well, so some time can elapse from them receiving the claim until the give the stamp of approval.

From here on out, we plan to bring you news and updates any time a record is ratified –  hopefully with a little bit of inside commentary from the record setter(s).  Keep an eye out for the tag “record” on our website or let Google do the dirty work for you.

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