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Movie Club: AXIS Flight School can teach you a thing or two

Written by Kolla

Happy Friday everyone – it’s movie time!!  Today we bring you tasty stuff from AXIS Flight  School, based out of Skydive Arizona, in Eloy, Arizona.  You want coaching?  AXIS team Brianne Thompson and Niklas Daniel are here to help, offering world-class coaching for both FS and VFS disciplines.  Both of them have attended and medalled at multiple World Championships (currently getting ready to add some more to the collection!).  All AXIS coaches highly experienced competitors and coaches, as well multi rated professional skydivers and damn decent people.

Movie Club President Missy has scoured the good stuff, and picked a couple of videos for you to enjoy, carefully curated from the AXIS YouTube Channel. It offers a has a surplus of information, entertainment and inspiration. I highly encourage jumpers of all levels to subscribe to the channel & check out what AXIS is all about (if you haven’t already).

Foundations of Flight – Long Spot Navigation / Relative Glide

Next up, the entertainment portion of AXIS Flight School TV. Here is their most recent video: “SDAZ Patriot’s Boogie 2014

(make sure to watch all the way through for a sneak preview of a new ULTRA high performance wing) 

PD New Beginning

And finally…the inspiration. AXIS works closely with the Operation Enduring Warrior projecthelping wounded warrior’s Todd Love and Joseph Grabionowski get into the air. I can go on and on about the AXIS team and these veterans but I think the video speaks for itself. Grab a seat, and get ready to be inspired. 

Todd Love – Accelerated Freefall Training

Joseph Grabianowski – AFF Training

As long as you have the will and spirit, there is nothing you can’t do. And AXIS Flight School is here to help. Thank you Brianne and Niklas!

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