BSBD: BASE Incidents on Brevent, Mont Granier and Brento

BSBDcrop smThree BASE jumpers were killed this past weekend. Two in separate incidents in the French Alps this past Sunday (August 17th) and one in Brento, Italy (Saturday August 16th).

An Australian jumper died after jumping Brevent, near Chamonix, France. The name has not yet been released. The jumper was wearing a wingsuit. Brevent is known as a technical spot, not suitable for inexperienced jumpers. BASE jumping was temporarily banned there, but allowed again with some restrictions following a review last July (2013).

French BASE jumper Éric Plassard died after jumping Mont Granier, France. He was an experienced BASE jumper.

French authorities are investigating both incidents.
– News reports:,, The Sydney Morning Herald

PD New Beginning

Spanish jumper Abraham Cubo Lopez died Saturday August 16th after a jump from Brento, Italy. He was wearing a wingsuit.

Investigation is pending.

– News report: La Voz de Calicia (Spanish)

Those interested in learning more information on BASE incidents should visit BLiNC Magazine and review the BASE Fatality List. BLiNC does an excellent job of gathering and publishing useful information, so that others may learn. Detailed information on the above incidents will be made available there in due time, following a thorough review.


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