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Reader question: What is the most beautiful thing you’ve seen jumping?

Written by Lara

Answers to our monthly reader questions are published in The FlyBy section of Blue Skies Mag. The September question is:

What is the single most beautiful scene, landscape, imagery or sight you’ve seen while skydiving or BASE jumping?

Could be on the ground but I’m going to guess most of your answers will be a sight from the air. Mine was a light-contact high pull at Titusville with Kolla, Justin Carmody, Ward Hessig, Isaiah McCauliffe and Grant (I’m sure Grant has a last name but I cannot remember it) way back in 2005. I was at a way lower wing loading than everyone else so I had floated back away from everyone. My inability to keep up was a blessing in disguise; the sight of them all together under colorful canopies, against this perfect Florida sky with the sun breaking through the clouds like a spotlight from heaven … I almost cried and told myself to mentally take a photo because this – this friendship and beauty and open sky – was what I wanted my life to be about. It was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen, and by far the most beautiful jumping.

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So what’s your take-my-breath away sight that you’ll remember the rest of your days?

Answer here in the comments or email me,, with your name as you want it printed in the mag. Responses may be edited for clarity and/or length.


  • It was late spring 2005 or 2006, 10 way sunset load. The colors, because of the jumpsuits, in free fall was amazing! That was the appetizer! The canopy flight was increadable! It had been a wet winter so the desert was alive with color during the day. At this time of day, the bent light was amazing! There was what looked like fires burning all around us on the ground! It was the sunsets reflection off the palo verde’s and mesquite trees! Plus the ribbons of color from the wild flowers made it as spectacular as the sunset itself!
    Plus I won the hit n chug! I don’t remember if we turned any points after we built the 10 way, it didn’t matter! It was spectacular!

  • I once caught the reflection of myself in a buddies goggles on this jump… took my breath away to see something that beautiful moving so smoothly through the sky :-)

  • When i had about 25 jumps I was in freefall at sunset and the sky changed colors like a rainbow. Every 1000 feet was a different color. dark blue, light blue, green, red, yellow, orange. I’ve been chasing that sunset now for 20 years and have yet to see another like it. It is also why i became a videographer.

  • My #1 jump (a tandem), we were coming to an end to our summer to Boston so on a sunny Sunday a group of us hired a Mustang and drove up to Skydive Pepperell. We waited around the DZ all day until the plane finally shut down for the evening.
    An instructor approached us; “Sorry guys it’s getting dark, ye’ll have to come back next weekend”

    Our hearts suck, it was one of the last weekends we had in the US and we wasted a day waiting around. We explained the situation and that we’d need refunds as we wouldn’t be returning as we were heading home to Ireland and so before we knew it we were stretched out in the Twin Otter climbing to altitude, the 4 irish lads and our tandem instructors.

    I remember my instructor pointing out the cars on the highway below, snakes of headlights feeding back to the nearby towns for another week in offices behind a computer screen. As we got higher we could even begin to see the lights of Boston in the far distance. I was finishing college and for all intentions was myself one of those office people driving along facing into a week “in the office”. I was pulled away from my portal to the “outside world” by the clipping and tightening of the harness around me. I looked around the aircraft at the other instructors as they fastened the straps around my friends, I remember thinking how amazing this life can be. How my instructor must have gazed down on thousands of cars and families snaking back to their same weekly routine. Looking down on all from here, his office in the sky.

    I don’t know exactly when I made the decision to sign up for the static line course, but in June 2011 I was swinging in the student harness practising my reserve drills thinking about those cars on the highway and the life I was choosing. I wasn’t going to be sitting behind a wheel, I was going to fly.

    I dont know how the jump went or much else about many weekends but I’ll always remember the view from that window on my first skydive

  • Hurricane Sandy as it was headed up the east coast. It was amazing and so unbelievably huge and we were many, many miles away!

  • While under canopy, flew with 2 eagles just 100’s of feet from me. Had a great view of the Mississippi river and the eagles, jump # 105. Most memorable jump.

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