Movie Club Friday: Welcome to Voss’ome Town

movie_clubHappy Fri-fri-fri-FRIDAY everyone!

I don’t know about you guys, but it’s been one helluva week over here. So let’s perform the old “Fuck this Shit…it’s FRIDAY” move (where we throw our papers in the air).   From the makers of “Johnny“, Alex Aimard – Satori Factory  brings us:  “Welcome to Voss’ome Town”.

PD New Beginning



Turn the volume to 11, crack and beer and dance baby…DANCE.

Last week’s featured movie: The Bastard, produced by the FlyBoyz.
Have a new video to submit, or a link to an oldie-goldie?  Send them through email to Missyor via Facebook in the Blue Skies Mag Movie Club.

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