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BSM Movie Club Friday: FlyBoyz and the Bastard

Written by Kolla

Post courtesy Missy Keough, esteemed video curator. 

Here. It. Is. 

The film that sparked the start of a conversation about the gems of skydiving movies from back in the day and our desire to share those movies with those that might not yet have seen them.  Which led to the birth of the Blue Skies Mag Movie Club, and will hopefully bring you lot more good stuff on Fridays to come. 

Sky families are the best families. |

This particular gem was produced by the FlyBoyz and shot in Lake Tahoe. I’d like to thank our crew at Sky Knights Sport Parachute Club for getting this video in our hot little hands, and props to Dave Rhea for the movie club idea and pictorial support.

Without further ado, we give you ‘The Bastard’.

Have a new video to submit, or a link to an oldie-goldie?  Send them through email to Missy or via Facebook in the Blue Skies Mag Movie Club.


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