BSBD: No-Pull incident at Skydive San Diego

Written by Kolla

BSBDcrop smExperienced jumper Steve Clark made a jump at Skydive San Diego on Wednesday morning of July 30th, 2014.  At the end of that jump, neither main or reserve was deployed.
This no-pull incident is believed to have been a suicide.  Steve was competent and capable skydiver, his gear in top-notch shape. His rig was AAD equipped, but not turned on.

We send our deepest sympathies to friends and family, and the jumpers at Skydive San Diego.

PD New Beginning

News Reports: NBC Bay Area,

Edit: If you’re having a hard time dealing with Steve’s death, thinking about taking your own life or would like to help prevent others from harming themselves, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is a good resource to start. Call 1-800-273-TALK (8255), the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, if you need immediate help.


  • Condolences to his family, loved ones. It’s very sad when somebody feels that is their only option. God rest his soul.

  • As a skydiver with a professional background in Crisis Training, including Suicide Intervention, I want to thank you for including information and a solid referral for others to get help. There is help out there but, sometimes, people just don’t know where or how to access it. In many states and provinces, people can also call 2-1-1 in most major cities for further information and referrals on what is available to help them through difficult times. Many agencies with also teach loved ones how to reach out to those they are concerned about. My deepest condolences to the family and friends of Steve Clark. May you all find the support that you need to cope with this loss.

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