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“Maybe your mailman is stealing your magazines” is not just something we say to get rid of you on the phone.

Written by Lara

Our mail carrier here in Deland is fan-flicking-tastic and will go out of his way to deliver amazing service and good stories, but there are some less than stellar ones.

We present exhibit A, straight from the hometown news, “Mail carrier … accused of stealing mail from customers:”

According to co-workers, the woman was caught after she took her private vehicle to a garage for repairs and mechanics found mail addressed to other individuals.

The mechanics thought they were only turning in a mail thief, but investigators quickly learned the suspect was a postal worker herself.

The United States Postal Service says theft by carriers is very rare. In 2013, only 339 were fired for the crime out of a half-million employees. Much more common is non-employee thieves who steal mail from boxes after it’s been delivered.

While I would quibble with the verb tense in that last sentence, it is true that thievery is out there, and not just by corporations. Blue Skies Mag must make an especially stealable little piece, what with our beautiful people and amazing photos on our covers and all.

PD New Beginning

If you’re missing your magazines, please let us know. The monthly email notifications will begin again with the August issue, so you’ll know when your mag will be arriving.

If your mail carrier is as awesome as ours is, on the other hand, give him or her a big thank you from us!

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