Weather Hold

“It’s Too Hot to Fun Jump!”

Written by Krisanne

Yeah, those words actually came out of my mouth on Saturday afternoon.

I’d just finished up a 6-jump NCSL competition with my team, and some folks were trying to rally a group to do a bigger belly way to cap off the day and take advantage of the critical mass of belly flyers on the dropzone. Instead, I pulled off my jumpsuit, pulled out a red cup, and filled it with an ice-cold beer, even with several hours of jumpable daylight left!

thermometer-11029029As I come up on my 10-year anniversary in the sport, I wonder when that happened? When did my desire to jump jump jump all the time get dampened by a number on the thermometer?  To be fair, that thermometer read 102F (39C for my international readers), which is a fairly brutal temp for rolling into an all-black jumpsuit and being happy about it!

Sky families are the best families. |

The longer I’m around, the more picky I am about jumping in weather extremes. It helps of course that I’m spoiled by California weather.

For team training? Bring on the heat (and it’s always heat for a team that trains in Davis and Perris). For competition? Yes please, just fire up the plane and get me there! For fun jumps, though, the bar is higher. I’ve been known to pile on the layers for an early morning jump at the Skydive Arizona Holiday Boogie, if only because being up and ready to go that early increases the likelihood that the Airspeed organizers will outnumber willing jumpers.

All of this weekend’s whining aside, I do find that the deeper I get into team training (109 jumps together so far), I do want and need to stay connected to fun jumping lest I become one of those humorless team types who won’t do any jump that isn’t in the dive pool. Fortunately, one of my favorite sources of fun jump / social time balance is just around the corner – the 47th annual Lost Prairie Boogie (my 10th).  There will be lots of great skydiving, pretty much none of it serious!

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