Skydiving Lake Tahoe 4th Of July 2014

Skydiving Lake Tahoe with the american flag for 4th of july, harry parker photography
Written by The Harry Parker

Skydiving Lake Tahoe with the american flag for 4th of july, harry parker photography

Skydiving Lake Tahoe is definitely a bucket list jump. The view is to die for filling ones visual perception full of crystal clear blue and green hues against a backdrop of the Sierra Mountains.

What better way to spend the 4th of July than chasing the American Flag over one of the greatest jewels our nation has to offer? Oh yeah, and doing it with your best DZ peeps!  Awesome!

Jumping into the water requires some planning and a reserve pack but well work the effort at least once.  If you haven’t invested in real water gear, do it. It’s a great investment and as a jumper you will surely use it more than once. The lake is huge and can be very cold, even in summer.

The jump called for mandatory water landing and no flying over crowds at all making it a very easy demo for anyone with decent canopy skills.  Once in the air the winds are easy to spot simply by looking at the water.

James Linsbee of Tahoe Skydiving organized and planned the Demonstration jump for Incline Village and the Veterans Association.  This is the third year in a row James has organized the event. After landing we are treated like VIP’s and get lunch while hanging out with some of our Nation’s finest vets.

This year Michael Roberts provided complementary S&TA for all concerned.  The Nazi Safety attitude of Michael provided extra room in the plane for sure.  It was quite amazing that after paying $25 for the slot in advance people would show up with no water gear, late and reserves out of date.  It was quite comical to watch Micheal deal with each scenario with a laughter in his voice and smile on his face.  Watching him in action definitely put everyone on the load at ease knowing they had their backs covered.

PD New Beginning

Lodi always seems to get a bad wrap for one reason or another, mostly rumor out of control. I find it quite amazing how safe your DZ can be if you leave it up to the jumpers.  Someone always arises that will not settle for less and go the extra mile.  This seems to really pull the community together for common causes that affect all of us.

All in all it was a very well organized event and demo.  The crowd went crazy, the officials were officially happy and we were all more than safe and above regulations.  I even woke up in someones yard with big pine trees for a view.  Awesome 4th!

If you are interested in making this leap next year, by all means, make your way to Lodi, LIKE the Parachute Center Fanpage and look for the posting, usually a couple months in advance.  Only one otter load, so slots fill up pretty quick.

Check out more pictures on The Harry Parker Fan Page.


skydiving lake tahoe, the lodi crew, harry parker  photography

Breezy Lake Tahoe 2014-07-05 09.12.23 am Water Landing

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