Cessna 206 carrying skydivers crashes in Ireland

Written by Kolla

incidentThe first half of the year, incidents involving skydivers came hard and fast, but now the focus seems to have shifted over to aircraft mishaps.

Thankfully no injuries were reported when a Cessna 206 carrying a number of jumpers experienced engine trouble and had to land in a field near Abbeyshrule, Ireland. This happened shortly after takeoff so jumpers were not high enough to get out.
Excellent job by the pilot.

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News report: Westmeath Examiner



  • “Good Job”, well maybe. Engines don’t just quit without some warning. Was their adequate fuel, was their water in fuel pilot should have caught during inspection, other contaminates in fuel sample, were mags checked before takeoff, was prop cycled and operating correctly, was their carb ice that could of been prevented/corrected, did a jumper turn-off fuel selector while moving around aircraft before takeoff, were engine gauges all in normal op range, should procedure be to climb-out in closer proximity to airport until reaching 1,000ft, so he could get back to the strip?– OK so it just quit no warning.

    Now Maintenance Dept/Owner: Did last 100 hour show anything that would indicate a problem? (Was there a last 100hr inspection) Was their a cycl with low compression, oil sample with metal contaminates upon lab analysis, fuel filters, condition of a/c fuel bladders, gauges working properly, leaking prop, other fluid leaks, how many hours since eng. overhaul?

    Once engine quit and pilot had to land off field, yes he/she did a good job– they all walked away. However, I would not let Jump Pilots or Jump Plane Owners off the hook blindly. Jumpers need to feel comfortable about the condition of the aircraft they are boarding– if not, go someplace else. The plane ride can be the most dangerous part of the whole jump.

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