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Memorial Day Boogie at Adventure Skydiving

Written by Kolla

Remember back in the day, before the internet, how every boogie was followed up by a boogie article?
Almost every last one of them read something like this:  “Weather was great, manifest was nice and the hot dogs were awesome. And we got free pull-up cords”.  It’s was rampant enough that we had to make a note in our article submission guidelines especially for the boogie writers:

PD New Beginning

Please think twice about a boogie article. This is not to say we will not publish anything to do with boogies; we actually love boogies! Rather, we love what really happens at boogies, not the glossy, thank-the-sponsors, weather-report, sunshine-and-roses versions we’ve been reading about for decades. What made this boogie different than any other? Did something happen at this boogie that was unusual or noteworthy? Come up with something creative that captures the real feeling of boogie-ing and we’ll publish it.

Don’t get us wrong – we still love boogies – and we still like to support as many as our tiny budget will allow with raffle donations and sample magazines. One event that we regularly support  is the Memorial Day Boogie at Adventure Skydiving in Tennessee. Rather than writing about the food, they sent a video made by Chris Argyle. With good music. Featuring the Utah crew and local jumpers having non-stop fun over Memorial Day.

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