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Johnny! Danger! Contest!

Written by Kolla

The Satori Factory is an outfit that loves to do cool stuff and make videos about it. Proper, professional, awesome videos too. Here is the latest creation: Johnny.  We don’t know much about JOHNNY… where he came from, what his deal is, where he’s going. But really, a dude like JOHNNY can speak for himself. Please watch.

But wait, there is more! Spot the mustaches in the video, count them up and be eligible to score awesome loot from BoogieMan and NZ Aerosports. More details about the contest will be published on the Satori Factory Facebook page when Johnny says the time is right.


Aiding creator Alex Aimard in the creation were Scott Plamer, Will Penny, Petter Johnsson, Dave Rhea, Aurelien and Shunkka submitted additional video – and then all the participants of Dynamite Days event put on by the TNT Brothers Dropzone in Bucharest, Romania.

Since this is not your standard boogie video, we got curious and contacted the Skywalker Alex Aimard – chief worker  the Satori Factory – to learn a little more about the project.

1. Who is JOHNNY and where did he come from? 
Alex: For me JOHNNY is a concept: “whatever your skills are, you shouldn’t take skydiving too serious”. We all want to perform the best we can and be part of the cool jumps. I’m myself in a training process with the Skywalkers for a D4W competition, so don’t take me wrong when I talk about not being too serious. But at the same time we have to be aware that we are some of the most lucky people in human history, our main concern is to learn how to fly meanwhile people are fighting for survival. The name JOHNNY came from a stupid joke last summer.

PD New Beginning

2. You have made a lot of awesome skydiving videos – where do you get your inspiration from and what makes you keep on doing it?
Alex: Inspiration is everywhere, but the best creative process I had so far was by submitting an idea to the right person and just play with it until we got a clear vision of what we want to achieve. In “JOHNNY”s case the interaction I had with Will Penny was magic.
What make me keep going …. this is an easy answer, so far I’m just warming up, it seems like the future of Satori Factory we’ll be really exciting and I have a million ideas I want to put on tape.

3. The name – Satori Factory. The definition for Satori is roughly along the lines of sudden enlightenment. Is human flight your path to Satori?
Alex: I have been flying for about 12 years now…  first paragliding, first instructor – then I’ve been professional acrobatic pilot, I have done BASE jumping, tunnel flying and freefly…  It has been a great tool to discover myself, and for sure created a big part of who Im today. But – I don’t expect enlightenment to show up just yet, on account of being able to do a few cool tricks in the sky…

4. What’s next?
Alex: My vision for the Satori Factory is to gather a collective of creative people to set up exciting project to produce quality content.

And that’s that!  We thank Alex for the chat.  And if you have taken a liking to Johnny, check out his home on the Satori Factory website. At the bottom of the page you can find a brand new slide show and some behind the scenes photos, courtesy of Dave Rhea.

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