Fluid Wings releases the Prime, a new 9 cell

Written by Kolla

Press Release by Fluid Wings

For Immediate Release
May 22, 2014

New 9-cell hybrid main wing from innovative new company: Fluid Wings

PD New Beginning


Fluid Wings announces production on their newest main wing, the Prime, is to begin June 1st, 2014. The Prime, a 9-cell hybrid main wing built for fun, predictable flying and easy packing, will initially be available in sizes from 150-190 sq. ft. and stock colors, with a full range of sizes and custom color options to follow. Perfect for newer jumpers and cutting edge wingsuiters alike, the standard model is constructed of a combination of zero-porosity (zero-p) and low porosity nylon. It ships with Vectran® lines and soft-link connectors. A low-bulk option packing up to a full size smaller is also available—new jumpers just learning to wrangle nylon will be especially appreciative, but anyone who’s experienced the joy of a hot summer day of packing can take advantage!  “The Prime is responsive and playful, while still easy to manage. It has a good glide for those long spots, with a nice strong flare for tip-toe landings,” said Scott Roberts of Fluid Wings. “We like her a lot and think jumpers will too!”  The Prime will retail for $2090 with all options. Demos of the Prime can be requested via email ( Sales are direct through the company until the Fluid Wings dealer network is fully developed; interested dealers may contact

Fluid Wings is a new kind of parachute company for a new kind of flyer. We are blurring the lines between parachuting, speed flying, and paragliding recognizing that today’s pilots demand excellence in flight. Fluid Wings sprung from the love of all forms of human-powered flight and is fueled by an engineering-based approach to innovation. Fluid Wings draws from the expertise of Scott Roberts (skydiving since 1997, competitive in canopy piloting since 2002), Kevin Hintze (active pilot, paraglider, speedflying instructor and test pilot) and Shane Shaffer (chief test pilot and production lead). Fluid Wings is headquartered in DeLand, Florida.


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