BSBD: Jeff Nebelkopf

BSBDcrop smWingsuiter Jeff Nebelkopf has died from injuries sustained in an accident at Skydive Sebastian on Sunday, May 25th.

The incident is pending investigation. Preliminary reports state that Jeff experienced a malfunction on his main canopy, resulting in a hard spin. His AAD activated and an entanglement occurred as the reserve pilot chute launched. Jeff impacted at a high rate of speed.

Jeff was an artist in and out of the air, well-known for his pioneering work in the wingsuit worlds of both skydiving and BASE jumping.

Photo courtesy of Scotty Burns

Photo courtesy of Scotty Burns

A memorial group has been set up via Facebook to allow Jeff’s friends to share memories, photos, stories, support and love.  We send our sincerest condolences to his family, friends and the tight-knit community at Skydive Sebastian.

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